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Betsaleel organization’s goal is to help abandoned children and orphans in Chad, in order to give them a living environment allowing them to grow up and blossom by maintaining them close to their culture.






Vulnerable children and orphans assistance (SOEV)



SOEV welcomes vulnerable children and orphans with their accompanying person. A support in terms of health, nutrition, education and material is provided. The children are taken care of until their necessary health and autonomy level are reached. The organization collaborates with Chadian social services and takes care of both of the children on a health level and of the accompanying persons for their education and training.


Maternal and Child Protection



Recovery and nutritional education center



Every year, more than 5000 mothers with children suffering from malnutrition are welcome in Maternal and Child Protection centers. Chadian nurse staff provide follow-up care by teaching, advising and giving suitable and accurate treatments depending on the malnutrition stage.  








Attention the jubilee has had to be moved and will take place on 5th and 6th October. More information will follow.





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