Composition of the organization

Board of directors France

Jean-Pierre Burkhardt, Honorary President
Monique Burkhardt, Honorary President
Pascal Legrand, President
Pierre Arnaud, Treasurer
Phillipe Pfaender, Secretary
Brigitte Delbaere, Member
Saliha Leblanc, Member
Robert Lahaye, Member
Betty Lahaye, Member
Anouck Legrand, Member

Board of directors Switzerland

Jean-Pierre Burkhardt, Honorary President
Monique Burkhardt, Honorary President
Serge Rudaz, President
Eloïse Liechti, Vice-president
Sybile Demaurex, Secretary-treasurer
Luc Geoffroy, Member
Eliane Mathey, Member
Adeline Théraulaz, Member
Louise Baettig, Member
Nathalie Mercier, Member
Mathieu Rudaz, Member

Board of directors Chad

Jean-Pierre Burkhardt, Honorary President
Ngaï Kilkouman, President
, Secretary
Séphora, Treasurer
Ruth Romba, Member
Elie Romba, Member
Emile Kaïbé, Member

Legal status

Created in Chad in 1969, Betsaleel organization is composed of three distinct organizations which headquarters are in France, Switzerland and Chad. The Swiss organization was constituted according to the 60 and following articles of the CSS. It is recognized as promoting the public interest (tax exempt) by official decision of 08/29/1994.

In France, the organization is governed by the 1901 Law and was declared in the prefecture of Ardeche in 1985. Its structures are those of an association: members, general assembly, board of directors. It is also recognized in Chad

In Chad the organization benefits from an agreement protocol with the Chadian government. It has been established with the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister since 1984 and extended every 5 years. Thanks to this convention, Betsaleel organization can exercise its activities and among others, benefit from duty exemption on donations received every year.

Each organization has its own board of directors made of volunteer members. A coordinator insures the link between the different sections and is in charge of the follow-up and good functioning in the field with the Director of Béthanie. The global accounting of the three associations and the operating statement of the orphanages are presented to each annual general assemble for approval.