Our values

Statuary objectives are enriched by Christian values on which the organization is based and which take roots in respect, solidarity, equity and integrity principles.

Thereby, as part of the achievement of its mission, Betsaleel organization extols the following values:

  • Respect – services offered by the organization are done in the respect of people and their dignity.
  • Non-discrimination – no gender, origin, religion or other discrimination is carried out in relation to beneficiaries of the organization services.
  • Service spirit – the commitment of the organization for vulnerable children is done in a service spirit, a giving of yourself, just like Christ.
  • Integrity and transparency – all the collaborators of the organization commit to work in integrity and the finances and actions of the organization are open.
  • Involvement - the organization collaborates in a participative process with Chadian authorities.


We share these values with the whole members and employees forming the organization.